Physicians and AHS Board Representatives

The Chinook Primary Care Network Ltd. Board of Directors is comprised of physicians and Alberta Health Services representatives who work in collaboration to direct the vision of primary health care delivery within our zone.

The Board is comprised of three distinct groups working together:


Dr. Beverly Burton - Co-Chair 
Dr. Chris Waller- Co-Chair Elect
Dr. Regan Steed - Past Co-Chair
Dr. Codruta Abhilash
Dr. Andries Botha
Dr. Sandy Cunningham
Dr. Tim Collins
Dr. Kenneth Dahl
Dr. Shey Eagle Bear
Dr. Andrea Haner
Dr. Andrea Hargrove
Dr. Janine Karpakis
Dr. Ahmed Kiared
Dr. Rozemin Kizuk
Dr. Dapo Lasore
Dr. William Leishman
Dr. Connor Low
Dr. Eric Mueller
Dr. Arlene Oishi
Dr. Henry Ovwasa
Dr. Sadaf Sarwar
Dr. Justin Steed
Dr. McKay Steed
Dr. Robert Strank
Dr. Janet Tupper

Public Director
Tim Bear

Dr. Clayne Steed - Co-Chair
Cheryl Andres
Colin Zieber
Dr. Michael Auld


Physician Representatives:
Dr. Riyaz Mohamed
Dr. Adele Engelbrecht

CPCN Central Office:
Andrea Schultz
Dr. Susan Byers
Nolan Schaaf
Lieke Poier
Recorder: Angie Perkins

The Board of Directors meets at the call of the Chair, typically four times a year.