Physicians and AHS Board Representatives

The Chinook Primary Care Network Ltd. Board of Directors is comprised of physicians, Alberta Health Services representatives and one Director from the community.  The Board provides strategic direction, governance and oversight to the organization.

Dr. Connor Low – Co-Chair
Dr. Andrea Hargrove  – Co-Chair Elect
Dr. Andries Botha
Dr. Beverly Burton
Dr. Susan Byers
Dr. Sandy Cunningham
Dr. Jilliam Demontigny
Dr. Samuel deWalle
Dr. Shey Eagle Bear
Dr. Zaheer Majiet
Dr. Eric Mueller
Dr. Arlene Oishi
Dr. Justin Steed
Dr. Logan Steed
Dr. Jerrett Stephenson
Dr. Ryan Torrie
Dr. Janet Tupper
Dr. Owen Ukrainetz
Dr. Majken Villiger

Public Director
Tim Bear

Dr. Catherine Scrimshaw - Co-Chair
Dr. David Stewart
Colin Zieber
Trevor Inaba

The Board of Directors meets at the call of the Chair, typically four times a year.